Our vision at Dar Abu Abdullah is to empower underprivileged individuals - especially those who live in extreme poverty and are endorsed by Tkiyet Um Ali - allowing them to achieve sustainable livelihoods and become self-reliant. By partnering with us, you are directly contributing to positively transforming Jordan’s youth who are unable to find the right opportunity and the chance to change their lives for the better.


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Dar Abu Abdullah and Tkiyet Um Ali - A Longstanding Strategic Partnership


Tkiyet Um Ali (TUA) was founded in 2003 by Her Royal Highness Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein to be the first initiative of its kind in the Arab World aimed at eradicating hunger in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Through its Sustainable Food Aid Program, TUA currently reaches out to 30,000 households living in extreme poverty throughout the Kingdom, offering monthly food parcels containing 24 commodities, enough to prepare three meals a day. TUA implements sustainable humanitarian food aid programs through the provision of monthly food parcels, in addition to serving hot meals to 350-400 individuals on daily basis.

A total number of 144,000 individuals are being served every month, with an average annual budget of 14 million JOD. TUA covers 2.4% out of 5.7% of the vulnerable to food insecurity within the Jordanian population.

The strategic partnership between Dar Abu Abdullah and Tkiyet Um Ali creates a comprehensive development model that generates tangible, life-changing and sustainable outcomes, not only for vulnerable individuals, but also for their families. This partnership is guided and overseen by a unified Board of Directors and Executive Management Team, and controlled by a clear agreement that dictates the details of all cooperation means.

In 1995, Zain Jordan revolutionized telecommunications in Jordan by introducing GSM mobile services into the country. Zain quickly became the foremost telecom company in Jordan, a position that it kept to this day through a far-sighted policy of investment in adopting cutting edge technology to provide state of the art services to customers.


Zain Group acquired Zain Jordan, in January 2003, in what was considered the largest single acquisition in the Middle East region, and the largest private sector investment in Jordan.


Zain Jordan pioneered in Corporate sustainability, by launching and supporting various national initiatives and programs that go beyond developing the telecom sector, as Zain is considered the main supporter of several sectors specially in Education, Youth, Sports, Health, Environment, philanthropy, and Social Innovation, Zain Jordan has adopted the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in its initiatives and programs.