• Dar Abu Abdullah provides specialized vocational training programs for 18-20 years old, out-of-school beneficiaries through partnerships with specialized training providers, based on labor market demands.

  • Dar Abu Abdullah offers medical services, supplies, and interventions, and hospitalization services to children and seniors with disabilities to cover specialized treatments that are not covered under public health insurance.

  • Dar Abu Abdullah provides tuition assistance to students in need who have enrolled in their last year of university or community college. After graduation, beneficiaries are provided with soft skills and employability skills capacity building, as well as technical training opportunities.

Welcome to Dar Abu Abdullah


Dar Abu Abdullah honors the legacy of His Majesty the late King Hussein Bin Talal, who believed that the human being is the true fortune of Jordan. Dar Abu Abdullah is dedicated to empowering individuals through three programs addresses the underlying causes of food poverty and financial poverty throughout Jordan.


Dar Abu Abdullah’s programs rely on on Tkiyet Um Ali’s database, the first organization of its kind in the Arab world geared towards eradicating hunger.


 Let's Build This Country
Dar Abu Abdullah provides educational support and assistance to young men and women who cannot afford their final year of tuition in public universities and colleges. Upon graduation, beneficiaries are offered soft skills, employability skills, capacity building, as well as technical ... read more

 Ahl Al Azm
Dar Abu Abdullah extends specialized vocational training programs for out-of-school      beneficiaries aged between 18-20 years through partnerships with expert training providers - depending on labour market demands - in addition to soft skills and employability skills ... read more

Dar Abu Abdullah delivers medical services, supplies, interventions, as well as hospitalization services, to children and seniors with disabilities in order to cover specified treatments that are not included in public healthcare insurance, ultimately empowering and helping productive youth ...read more

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